River Moon Digital Gift Card


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Looking for a great gift and just don’t know which cup or tote to pick for your honey? Grab a digital gift card that your loved one can use anytime throughout the year to grab the perfect gift from you – everything on River Moon Arts can be purchased with a gift card, and there’s no tax on the card, so everything you pay is a credit that your giftee can spend!

When your recipient is ready to shop, sales tax and shipping will be charged at checkout when the card is redeemed, and applies only to the merchandise itself. Shipping rates for the products will vary by region, and gift card credit can be used for up to a year from the date of delivery. Gift cards are non refundable.

We’ll send your recipient an email with your virtual gift card info in it on the date you choose when you order, and your giftee can shop with it anytime after they receive the card in their email. Cards expire 12 months after the delivery date.

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